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Japanese Amazing Facts Part II

Japan is known as the second largest economy for more than 40 years from 1968 to 2010(Global Sherpa). Tokyo, Japan’s capital city is the world’s largest metropolitan area. Its culture and traditions are maintained from its ancestors. As we can see, their formula is well-maintained from its infrastructures to its traditional cuisine, despite of being in modern times. Here is the part II of our amazing Japan facts that we will share to our readers:

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  1. This may not be present in other countries, but horse meat is popular in Japan. It is best served as raw and is sliced thinly, which is called basashi.


2. Japanese anime have been entertaining people since the 1960s. Japan’s animated output accounts for about 60% of the world’s animation. There are also about 130 voice acting schools due to the success of anime industry.

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3. Most Japanese take hot baths during evening or go to hot springs because it is their way to relax their mind and body. Interestingly, Japanese families use the same water for bathing. However, they don’t take bath simultaneously, but the father goes first followed by the mother. The hot water used remains clean and clear. Japanese clean themselves thoroughly using the wash bowls before soaking their bodies in the bath tubs and enjoying the hot water. If Japanese family has a guest, house guests are given the honor of using the bath water first.

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4. In Japan, there is adoption of son-in-law called Mukoyoshi. In fact, 98% of adoptions are male adults. This is common to families who only had daughters and no sons. Since Japan is a patriarchal country, Japanese families who only had daughters adopt a young man and have him marry their daughter. After the adoption and marriage, the adopted young man, would take the family name of the wife so that their family name doesn’t disappear. Aside from that, he would be considered as the heir of the family.

Japan Street

5. Many Japanese streets don’t have names. Japan has unique addressing system that use block numbers instead of street names.

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6. Japanese have the tradition of shaving their heads as a sign of penance for violating rules and breaching honor.


7. Taking off shoes is a common practiced custom in Japan. The raised floors help indicate where you should take off your shoes. If the floor is raised about six inches, the shoes should be taken off and you should put on slippers. If the floor of the house is covered with tatami mat and raised only on to two inches, you should take off your slippers. Tatami mat is a mat used as a traditional Japanese floor covering.


8. Japanese love vending machines who only sell food and drinks, but also beers, rice, fresh eggs, toilet paper, and even condoms.

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