Universal Studios Japan

One of the ways people relax is through entertainment. Enjoying games, views and any kind of activities that will help a person recover from stress or gives a feeling of pleasure.

Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, is likely one of the visited places of Japan when it comes to entertainment. This place brings you to another level of excitement, where there are a lot of games and amusement people can choose from.

Universal-Studios-Japan-rooler coaster

Roller Coaster in Universal Studios Japan

USJ was opened on March 2001 and speedily exceed the expectations of having more than 10 million visitors at that time. Most visitors are Japanese tourists and Asian tourists such as Koreans. USJ also held various events that will even invite more visitors from around the world.

The best thing about Universal Studios Japan is that, it is not limited in visitors’ certain age, gender or hobby. It is because the park offers a huge variety of amusement and entertainment in which people in all ages would enjoy.


usj map