Japan’s Famous Sakura Tree


Japan has lots of symbols when it comes to nature. Every bit and pieces of nature are very vital for them regardless of seasons. Every spring, Japanese people, even tourists waited for this season for blooming of flowers, particularly, the Cherry Blossoms.

Cherry blossoms, known as “Sakura”, are cherry trees that bear flower – Prunus serrulata. This is also Japan’s National Flower, which stands for hope, good luck, love, springtime, and renewal.

Every year, the Japanese track the cherry trees’ blooming progress. As the cherry trees begin to bloom at spring season, the Hanami event occurs. Hanami event is a tradition of Japanese people to enjoy the natural and stunning beauty of cherry blossoms. However, the blooming of flowers will only last for a short span of time. Sometimes it would only last for a week. The flower petals fall down constantly, which makes the ground of Sakura tree area filled with white or pale pink petals.

Since the blooming of cherry tree flowers only last for a short span of time, this event comes to be Japan’s symbol of human mortality and how could a short and precious life be beautiful.

These infamous flowers are often used in Japanese Art, as well as one of the designs of their clothes, and other furniture. These are also often served at a wedding and other occasions as a drink (Sakura-yu) and sometimes as a dumpling called Sakura-mochi.

March 27 is the Sakura day, decided by the Japan Sakura Association in 1992.


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