Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

Katekyō Hitman Reborn! is a series written and illustrated by Akira Amano. The title if translated into English would mean, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn! This series was also named as Reborn! in the USA. The first spotlight of this anime started out on May 31, 2004, on Weekly Shōnen Jump but soon ended on November 12, 2012.

The main story involves a guy named Tsunayoshi Sawada, ‘Tsuna’, when he met an infant hitman known as Reborn. Tsunayoshi is known for being a loser, but Reborn dedicated himself to train him in order for him to be a Vongola. A Vongola means the 10th boss of a Mafia Famiglia, and unfortunately, Tsunayoshi was the heir for the role.

Katekyō Hitman Reborn! is a big scope but let’s get to know the main characters involved!

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada, ‘Tsuna’, was the main character of this series. He is a 14-year-old character with very low self-esteem. He was known to be a coward or a loser labeled as “No Good Tsuna” in his junior high years. He has a crush on Kyoko Sasagawa, which happened to be the sister of Ryohei.

When he was informed that he is the heir of the Vongola Family, he must accept the fact that he will be trained to become a Mob-Boss by an infant hitman called Reborn. Although Tsuna is not interested in the Mafia, he finds himself battling numerous enemies. And because of Reborn, he was forced to overcome his fears, gather his own guardians and battle for survival. Reborn and Tsuna became very close to each other, which in turn becomes a benefit for the both.


Reborn is an infant hitman and an Arcobelano and was also the holder of the Sun Yellow Pacifier. He also belongs to the Vongola family and was the most trusted member of the Vongola IX. He became the tutor of Tsuna to train him into becoming a Mafia boss. Although Reborn loves Tsuna very much, he cannot interfere with Tsuna’s battles, but he helps by defending against the attacks.

His partner is a chameleon named Leon, who loves to do the shapeshifting and its usually on Reborn’s fedora. Plus did you know that the bullets which Reborn used are created inside his partner, Leon?

Reborn is also known as a calm character, always keeping a straight facade no matter what. His favorite term would be ‘Ciaossu’, which is a mixture of Italian, Ciao, and the Japanese, Ossu. The fans of this series love Reborn so much because of his chibi looks and small suite that makes him like a serious baby, as described by the majority. This character is a definite cutie!

Gokudera Hayato

Hayato is also a 14-year-old character in this series. He was a transfer student from Italy and was placed in Tsuna’s class. He has a hot-tempered personality and is usually getting into several fights. He is also considered to be a genius, excelling in his academic studies. He was mainly known to be a dynamite expert because he keeps various explosives hidden on his body and uses those explosives liberally by lighting them with a cigarette. With this, he was labeled as Smokin’ Bomb Hayato or Hurricane Bomb Hayato.

He became Tsuna’s right-hand man after testing Tsuna’s strength and saving Hayato’s life. He also becomes Tsuna’s Guardian of the Storm Ring.

Takeshi Yamamoto

A popular baseball star who has a warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling. He is also very naive to the point of believing that Reborn’s Weapons are advanced kid’s toys and that the mafia business is one big cops-and-robbers game. (Which is very funny actually) Yamamoto grew up in Namimori and at some point, developed an interest in baseball. His love for the sport extended to the fact that he wore a baseball uniform in many of his childhood pictures.

Yamamoto resembles the First Vongola Rain Guardian called Ugetsu Asari, something the latter acknowledges.

Kyoya Hibari

He is the leader of the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee. And this group are in fact a group of delinquents that are all loyal to Hibari. Kyoya Hibari is sad to say, a violent delinquent who uses his status to harass other students. Hibari is a young man around average height, has short black hair with a fringe that joins at the center of his face. He also has narrow gray eyes, that are used to intimidate those around him.

Reborn resented Hibari’s curiosity in the mafia (earlier on in the series) and then Hibari considers him a worthy opponent, creating a strong urge to fight him.

Ryohei Sasagawa

If there’s anything I should describe this character is that he loves boxing, considering that he is the captain of the boxing club. He is a third-year student and is also known to be the older brother of Kyoko Sasagawa.

He is a teenager with tanned skin, gray eyes, and white hair. His motto is to live “to the extreme!”, which he applies to everything he does. With this, he prefers to fight his opponents head on and seeing any disadvantage as a chance to improve his fighting skills. Ryohei is a loyal person. He will protect his friends in need and never hesitate to go full-out in order to protect them. And after becoming a mafia for ten years, Ryohei noticeably becomes more mature. The older Ryohei is much less reckless and could discuss a serious matter with a cool head compared to when he was younger.

Chrome Dokuro

Chrome Dokuro is also known to be as ‘Nagi’ in the series. She is a 13-year-old and one of Mukuro’s subordinates who acted as his vessel and connection to the outside world. But she’s also a cute and sweet girl which makes her earn interest from boys. When she first transferred to Namimori Middle, some male students in Tsuna’s class immediately developed a crush upon seeing her.

Nagi has an anti-social life resulting in difficulty in opening up to others, except to Mukuro. She is used to being neglected and treated poorly so the actions where someone is kind and caring to her makes her very confused and shy. However, as the story progress, she becomes determined and independent to help the people who are dear to her using her own skills and power.

Mukuro Rokudo

He is the primary villain of our main character. He is introduced to be a 15-year-old character and a Mafia Criminal. He is also the leader of the Kokuyo Gang that consists of heinous criminals who have recently escaped from an Italian prison. He has heterochromia, with his left eye blue, and his right eye red, with his right eye normally shown with the number ‘six’ in the middle.

Mukuro is seemingly apathetic to the suffering of others. He is also not easily intimidated, usually speaking to others in a very direct and arrogant manner. He cares little for others, and simply considers people to be “toys” or “tools” that he can actually sacrifice in order to get what he wants. (A very common thing for villains) After becoming the Mist Guardian, Mukuro claims to no longer be part of the Mafia, like being exiled from it. Still, he continues to view the organization with great contempt even though he prefers to avoid any involvement with them. But later on, since a lot of things had happened, he becomes Tsuna’s Mist Guardian.


There are a lot of characters involved in this series, but this list has the main ones. So, who’s your favorite character among them? Feel free to share it in the comment section below! Have fun!







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