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About Me


I am just a man who was born in Iowa on a nice September day, barely 3 decades ago. I grew up with my mom who was an exceedingly hard-working single mother. Growing up, I spent most of the time reading. I also loved computer and programming. It was in middle school that I learned my first programming language, Perl. Perl is a programming language mostly used for extracting information from a text file and printing out a report or for converting a text file into another form. Aside from that, I really love anime. I organize anime conventions across the Midwest. AniMinneapolis and Anime Midwest are the largest anime conventions.

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Immersed in internet technology and anime of course, I had several projects that ranged from technology to entertainment. Such projects include Convention Planning, which focus on building technology that simplifies planning and management of anime conventions in the Midwest; Convention Photography, which documents conventions and memories for people who love anime and conventions; and Communication Management, building a software that enables companies to connect with their costumers and people to communicate with each other.

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I also love to explore other interests. I developed video games, produced a television show, been a DJ on the radio, and produced song parodies. I love to explore different things that interest me, but computer programming and anime are two things that are closest to my heart.

For example, I built a videogame platform that allows you to make RPGs right in the web browser. I now have to re-write it since WebAssembly came out. I also worked for Oracle Corporation for a short time, as a proponent of open source software.

And, of course, I love to visit Japan every year. It’s my favorite place for a vacation, thanks to the kind people, delicious food, and cleanliness. I think living there full time may be a bit stiff, as Japanese society is full of important rules and customs.

Join me as I explore Japan!