One Punch Man – Review

Genre: Seinen, Action, Comedy, Parody, Sci-fi, Supernatural

Anime Released: October 5, 2015 – December 21, 2015

Current Seasons available: 1 (but with Ova episodes)

Almost each one of us has dreamed of becoming a hero when we were children. The aspiration of defending the weak and bullied, of defeating super monsters, of punishing evil villains, and of flying in the sky with our chins held up high. Who doesn’t want to become a hero? To become a protector of justice? But what does it really mean to become a hero? And what does it take to become a hero?

Saitama, ever since his childhood, has wanted to be that hero who helps the frail people around him. As a little boy, he has always daydreamed of defeating rotten villains with just one punch! One ordinary day, while walking dejectedly after getting rejected from his job interview, Saitama runs into a Crab-Man. The Crab-Man, who has killed many people, was searching and planning to kill a young boy who has done a trick on him. After getting spared by the Crab-Man due to his lifeless eyes, Saitama accidentally finds the young boy. As the Crab-Man comes and decides to kill the boy, Saitama finds himself defending the young boy! Saitama then declares that he will no longer find work, but work as a hero!

Thus, this was the turning point of his life as Saitama trained vigorously for 3 consecutive years to achieve his dream. After his super training, Saitama became bald but, as a result, became the STRONGEST MAN ever to live in history. He became known as the ONE PUNCH MAN as he punches all the evil guys ONCE and they’re defeated. As Saitama pursues his career as a hero, he meets different people with unique abilities and strategies in winning a fight at the Hero Association. He becomes very close with the hero Genos, a rather handsome and powerful cyborg, who looks up at Saitama as his Master.



SAITAMA – the bald and elliptical-shaped face protagonist of the series. He is seen as someone who has literally no remaining hair with simple eyes & lips. Before training very hard resulting to his current appearance, Saitama had spiky black hair and brown eyes. Saitama has also a well-toned body with his average height & weight with respect to his physical appearance. As for his costume, he wears a clean yellow jumpsuit, with a short zipper at the collar, black belt, and golden buckle together with his red boots and gloves and white cape. Saitama is depicted to be the most nonchalant yet humorous of all Heroes, but he definitely doesn’t tolerate crimes. He also has a hard time remembering people’s faces and their names instead, resulting him to call them in funny names.

Here are some well-known quotes by Saitama:


Saitama only says he became a Hero for fun and because he had the luxury of time. But deep down, he really does have a burning passion for protecting the people and the city. This can be seen throughout the whole series as he helps anybody in trouble, friend or foe, or even strangers.

Saitama_QUOTE2 (1)

As stated by Saitama himself, this was the secret of his super inhuman physical strength. Although in the beginning, you’ll want to quit and be dead, but if you ever succeed then you are assured to have the capacity to take down anything. This is what it takes to become a hero!


Because of having incredible physical strength, defeating villains became a very easy task for Saitama. Almost all of his enemies are defeated by him using his deadly one punch! But because of this, Saitama slowly loses his fire of fighting for the very fact that no one ever competed with him on the same ground.

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