Japanese Decoration Ideas

From the old era to the modern era, Japan has been known to have one of the most amazing and crafty decorations. This left various people to be inspired and amazed at the same time. Nowadays, modern decors have influenced the life of the majority, and Japan still left us in awe even when it comes to its decoration market.

Japanese Origami

Origami is one of Japan’s greatest culture known around the world.

Origami is the art of paper folding, in which ‘ori’ means folding and ‘kami’ means paper. Kami was changed to gami due to rendaku.

Japan’s Famous Sakura Tree

Japan has lots of symbols when it comes to nature. Every bit and pieces of nature are very vital for them regardless of seasons. Every spring, Japanese people, even tourists waited for this season for blooming of flowers, particularly, the Cherry Blossoms.

Attack On Titan – Review

In a world where technological civilization has reached its downfall, would you still have the motivation and hope to survive and live? In an event where an imaginative Apocalypse event has occurred, would you still have the strength to carry yourself and accept the truth?