Attack On Titan – Review

Genre: Shounen,  ActionDramaFantasy,  Thriller(Post-Apocalyptic setting)

Anime Released: April 7, 2013 – present

Anime Status: Ongoing Season 2

Current Seasons: 2

In a world where technological civilization has reached its downfall, would you still have the motivation and hope to survive and live? In an event where an imaginative Apocalypse event has occurred, would you still have the strength to carry yourself and accept the truth?

As in the case of the many lives found in the walls of Maria (outer wall), Rose (middle wall) and Sheena (inner wall), people have lost countless of loved ones due to the attacks of Titans. Titans are enormous beings that attack and kill humans on sight. They lack emotions and is considered to be the destruction of humanity itself. Every time a wall is breached, humans flee to the next wall in order to survive. Following the life of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlelt, the story revolves on how they cope up with the dying society and how they survive this chaotic part of their lives. Upon losing their families, they have experienced intense depressions that ironically, have made them strong in the present. However, are all these pains truly only caused by Titans? Or does humanity itself have a part in this post-apocalyptic event?

A person’s emotional attachment does not only depend on the present itself, but it could also depend on the past. Losing someone very close and precious to you can build emotional crisis that both strengthens and motivates you to live more for personal reasons, or it could also destroy you and leave you empty and hollow inside. Eren Jaeger belongs on the former one. When Eren lost his family at a young age, this became his motivation to live and get revenge on the inhumane beings that killed them.  Mikasa Ackermann, on the other hand, falls on the latter one. Mikasa almost gave up her hope on living when she lost her family. But thanks to Eren, she renewed her life and discipline to live and help humanity. Armin, a boy raised by his grandfather, believes he could help protect and change the world they are into. Thus, following Eren and Mikasa in the army.


 EREN JAEGER (“Eren Yeager”)–  the only son of Grisha  & Carla Yeager and foster brother of Mikasa. He is seen to have brown hair with bangs on the middle that part ways like a curtain. He has very expressive eyes that match his rounded face and a tan complexion. He is a very strong-willed and determined person. After witnessing the death of his mother, he became even more impulsive and protective. He has a very strong ideal of completely annihilating the existence of Titans in their society. After successfully joining the military, he became very masculine and physically fit, although it is not truly seen with his uniform on. Eren also develops the ability to transform into a titan and uses this advantage for his own reasons. He is seen to be overprotective to humanity even if he is only saving a stranger.

MIKASA ACKERMANN (“Mikasa Ackerman”)- the silent and cold foster sister of Eren. She is said to come from an Asian heritage with her black hair and eyes (which sometimes varies in the anime). She is described to be beautiful and very physically fit for a girl in her age. She lost her family on a young age, together with her will to live. However, Eren encouraged Mikasa to be stronger in order to save people and lessen the destruction caused by the Titans. She grew up with Eren’s family, therefore, becoming very close to them. She is depicted to be a nonchalant girl but gets wild and angry when her close loved ones and friends are in danger, especially Eren who she sees as someone special for giving her the motivation to live again.

ARMIN ARLELT (“Armin Arlert”)- the low self-esteemed childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa. He has blonde hair & blue eyes and is also illustrated to have a very feminine face that matches up with his cute height. As a young child, he was raised by his grandfather and was always seen to be with Eren and Mikasa. Because of his fascination with the world beyond the walls, he was often bullied by other children which caused him to be shy and timid. He is always seen to be saved by Eren and Mikasa and has, therefore, grew a sibling affection for the both of them. As the series progressed though, Armin became a very good asset to his team. He slowly shined as a genius and strategic boy that made the people around him proud of.


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