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Prison School

Prison School is an anime series which started as a Japanese manga. It was written & illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. The story is about 5 boys who committed pervert crimes like, voyeurism in the school’s bathing area. The boys are placed in the Prison Block together which they agreed since they don’t want to be expelled.

Special A – S.A.

S.A. or Special A is an anime series that first came from a shojo manga made by Maki Minami. The story mainly focuses on a school called Private Hakusen Academy which is the best in the prefecture. Top seven students were selected to be grouped and are called as the Special A.

Shakugan No Shana – Review

Shakugan no Shana is one of the most famous action anime in the 2000s. It started as a light novel series in Japan which was written by Yashichiro Takahashi and illustrated by Noizi Ito. The anime details about the two parallel worlds, the Crimson Realm, and the human world, which a conflict exists between the inhibitors.

Overview – Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese franchise that originally published as a manga in the year 1989. The story was told where people were allowed to replace nearly all human body parts and organs to robotics. Because of the advanced technology, weak became strong and dying people were given a new life.

Japan’s Famous Sakura Tree

Japan has lots of symbols when it comes to nature. Every bit and pieces of nature are very vital for them regardless of seasons. Every spring, Japanese people, even tourists waited for this season for blooming of flowers, particularly, the Cherry Blossoms.

Recommended Anime Movies

Tired of watching anime series? Or are you not fond of watching series? Try watching anime movies! I have enlisted some anime movies that rocked the movie world and the hearts of the viewers. I, myself, was touched by the movies I listed below because of the lessons and the feels of each movie. The plot, the delivery of the story, the animation, the song…all these can also be found in anime movies. The following list of anime movies is definitely a must watch!

One Punch Man review

Almost each one of us has dreamed of becoming a hero when we were children. The aspiration of defending the weak and bullied, of defeating super monsters, of punishing evil villains, and of flying in the sky with our chins held up high. Who doesn’t want to become a hero? To become a protector of justice? But what does it really mean to become a hero? And what does it take to become a hero?

Naruto Facts 2– Some Things You Need to Know About the Anime Series

Naruto is one of the best anime series ever shown in history. But do you know that there are a lot of things in the series that you might not know?

Featured Japanese Songs 2

Are you still listening to the same songs in your playlist? Are you starting to get bored because of it? I’m gonna suggest new tracks for you to check out and add up to your phone. These songs can be found in the album version, opening or ending music vids. I know how dope Japanese music can be, especially about their strong electronic type which is commonly used in the game plays like OSU and Taiko. Maybe most of you already familiarize or had this music in your playlist. But nevertheless here is the list of Japanese music that you should explore!

Sports Anime

Not all of us love playing sports, especially ball sports where the ball would always coincidentally hits your head or your face. However, we like watching sports game because it gives us thrill and entertainment. Fortunately, there are anime series that are about sports. This kind of anime is like giving us specific details of living like an athlete, playing sports, and pursuing dreams. Below are some of the famous sports anime that gives us entertainment.

Top Anime Love Stories

Loves romance? Who doesn’t want to watch anime that centers on romance? Hmm…maybe those bitter people who just recently had their heart broken. Kidding aside, romance is a major theme of most anime. Each has different love stories that are executed differently in anime. This is a list of anime whose love stories love stories are way too cute and remarkable in its own way. This list is not in rank order.

Kimi No Nawa : Movie Review

Kimi No Nawa or “Your Name” translated in English, was one of the most successful anime movies that were released by Makoto Shinkai. The movie placed second, after Spirited Away, making it a top hit Japanese movie. It held the top place for consecutive nine weeks of showing in the theater. The movie also spread its popularity in other parts of the world and proved to be one of the best anime movies that have been created.

Attack On Titan – Review

In a world where technological civilization has reached its downfall, would you still have the motivation and hope to survive and live? In an event where an imaginative Apocalypse event has occurred, would you still have the strength to carry yourself and accept the truth?

Japanese Kimono

Wafuku (“wa” means Japanese and “fuku” means clothing) is the name for traditional Japanese clothing. Kimono is the instantly recognizable traditional garment and is considered the national costume of Japan.


Akihabara, also called Akiba, is a home for electronics. It has many electronic shops ranging from tiny one-man stalls to large electronic retailers. Over the years, the place is not only known as the home for electronics but also the center of Japanese otaku and anime culture.

Gods and Goddesses in Japan

Japan is known to have many gods and goddesses. These native, divine personas are famously called as “Kami-sama” in Japan. “Kami” means god while the suffix “-sama” refers to someone with high reverence and honor. Kami are gods that are either spirits or deities of the beliefs and religious traditions found in Japan’s culture and history. They come from animal spirits, spirits of deceased loved ones or truly gods written in Japanese mythology.

Famous Female Cosplayers (Part 1)

Men aren’t the only one who do cosplay, but also women! Find out the famous female cosplayers around the world.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works REVIEW

When one person wants to experience something, he wishes. When one person wishes, he hopes. When one hopes, he waits. And when one waits, he does EVERYTHING he can do to make the waiting worth it. He does EVERYTHING in his strength to achieve that wish!

Famous Anime Shops in Japan

Where can we find stuff about anime and manga? Obviously, in an anime and manga shops! Here is the list of best anime shops in Japan.

Best Japanese Games

Since from the last decades, Japan has been one of the most powerful and influential country in the world. It is well-known for its culture, people, technologies, products like manga, games, anime, etc. that make the country’s economic rise.

TEA – Why is it loved by Japanese People & Other Countries

Looking for a tea? Japanese tea is here! Japanese tea is simply known as green tea. Tea has become part of Japanese culture since from the past. They create the tea with passion and love to make it more unique. In Japanese tea ceremony, they serve and drink Matcha, a powdered green tea. For them, serving tea is an art and a spiritual discipline.

Famous Male Cosplayers

People have now seen many cosplayers, especially women. A lot of female cosplayers have shined and reached a certain popularity level for their way of cosplaying.

Since we know many female cosplayers now.. why don’t we look at the male side of the community? Many male cosplayers have also put justice on the characters they have portrayed.

Japan’s Top 9 Places to Visit

The world offers a lot of amazing places people could visit. Whether you’re a natural born adventurous person or just a normal human that wants an amazing experience, you still choose what’s best. But why do tourist choose Japan over those different countries in the crust of the earth? Let’s find out the mystery behind the land of Japan as we drive you to those wonderful places.

A List of Famous ‘Onii-chans’ We Can’t Get Enough Of! (Part 2)

What’s better than having a group of real friends and caring family? Of course! Having an older and protective brother! Who wouldn’t want a strong figure by their side? Below is a list of mixed overprotective and badass brothers from popular anime!

Top Comedy Anime

Sometimes, in order to make things feel good, one needs to laugh things out. Laughing can lighten your heart and can ease your mind. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for entertainment. Anime can effortlessly make you laugh so hard that would make your stomach ache. Here are my recommendations for top comedy anime that would make you cry for laughing.

A List of Famous ‘Onii-chans’ We Can’t Get Enough Of!

What’s better than having a group of real friends and caring family? Of course! Having an older and protective brother! Who wouldn’t want a strong figure by their side? Below is a list of mixed overprotective and badass brothers from popular anime!

Note: Some of this music cannot be found in the opening or ending of the series. But, it was included in the album of the anime.