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Ryan presents your personal guide to going to Japan.

Welcome to my site about Japanese Culture and of course Anime too!

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Get acquainted with some fantastic anime shows, read about my adventures travelling Japan, and more here!

Do you want to visit the paradise of Otaku culture?

I have been going to Japan for almost a decade, thanks to my job with AnimeCon.org. This means I have been super immersed in Japanese culture for a long time – yet still have the ability to really appreciate what is uniquely Japanese and what can’t be found elsewhere. This is something you lose if you stay in one place too long, as the awe-some and incredible starts to feel mundane and expected if you stay too long.

So follow my journeys and read my articles about visiting Japan to prepare for whenever you finally decide to make the journey! The flight can be long, so you should make the most of it when in Japan!

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My Favorite Places
From ramen shops to sightseeing, these are my top recommendations.

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Ready to visit Japan?

If you’re ready to visit Japan check out my guide on Tokyo or Akihabara. I definitely recommend getting a JR pass if you want to travel outside of Tokyo and really explore the vastness that Japan has to offer. Don’t forget to research flight prices to get the best price on your flights as well. And of course you’ll have to ensure that Japan is allowing visitors (they have been closed due to the pandemic for a while now).

See you in Japan!