Learning Japanese through Reading

So you want to learn Japanese do you? Of course you do! That’s why you’re here after all. I’m writing about anime, Otaku stuff, and more, and so of course you want to know all about the language of the people who create this stuff!

Level: Beginner

If you are an absolute beginner, check out my book on Amazon called “Learn Japanese the Easy Way: Through my Adventures in Japan”.

It contains passages like this.

I’ve always found the mystical side of Japanese religion omoshiroi (interesting). A lot of the figures from lore and creation are highly popularized all over their media, including games and anime. As an appreciator of literature, I’ve also been very drawn to stories of the myriads of kami (gods) and ayakashi (spirits). Shinto is absolutely brimming with them.

I try to teach as many interesting facts about Japan as I can, to immerse you in the amazing culture you can find in Japan. My method for teaching you to understand Japanese through light immersion. The Kopf Method is the best method for learning Japanese easily.

Click here to go to my first Japanese lesson on Japan Ryan.

Through that lesson you can start your learning process.

Get My Book

Learn Japanese the Easy Way is a top-notch book about learning Japanese! You can read it and slowly integrate the nihongo words contained in the book into your actual vocabulary.

Learning a language shouldn’t include an iron wall between your existing vocabulary and your new learning. In my book, I try to make the usage of these words seem natural and organic, like they’re regular words to you. That’s the most effective way to learn a language – you don’t want to have to constantly think of a sentence in your native language and have to them transliterate it into the new language.

The best method of language use is to be able to speak a sentence from scratch, without first thinking of it in English. Conbini wa yasui desu. The convenience store is cheap. I don’t want to have to first think of the English words “Convenience store… inexpensive…” and slowly translate them “Conbini…. yasui…”. Usage needs to develop naturally.