Japan’s Best Places to Visit

The world offers a lot of amazing places people could visit. Whether you’re a natural-born adventurer or just a normal human that wants an amazing experience, you still choose what’s best. So why do tourists choose Japan over all the other countries out there? Let’s find out the mystery behind the allure of the land of Japan as we drive you to the wonderful places and incredible sights of the most ancient Kingdom in the world.

Our top 9 places to visit in Japan can be found below – but this list just barely scratches the surface. My personal goal is to get you as interested as possible in visiting Japan, so that you come and have an amazing experience.

Some of the most culturally incredible places in Japan.

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Mount Fuji





Nikkō Tōshō-gū

Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama

Tokyo Disney Resort

Universal Studios Japan

Why choose Japan to visit?

Is that not enough for you to get you hyped? Then consider these top five reasons to visit Japan!

1. Japan is incredibly clean.

Unlike many other cities in Asia which are just reaching the mid-point of their own industrial revolutions, Japan’s industrial revolution is long past and it has moved onto being a service economy. This means the air is cleaner. Many other Asian countries are polluted by new industries and new factories, whereas Japan has long since cleaned up their factories and mandated pollution controls. Breathing in Tokyo is a walk in the park compared to breathing in Beijing or Singapore.

2. Japan is very polite.

You’ve probably heard this before, but until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to believe. Japanese culture abhors rude behavior. This means that everywhere you go people will often go out of their way to be accommodating and kind.

Many people think this dates back to the Samurai era where being rude to a Samurai could shorten a person by a good foot. But politeness and kind behavior has to be a part of a society where you are so constantly around so many people. Being in a crowded place with rude people is the worst, and Japan has figured out that being kind is far better.

So if you stop by a store and need help the service is often very attentive. If you are lost on the street you may get a stranger offer to help you.

3. Japan is very safe.

Crime is very rare in Japan. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire modern world, in part as a result of culture, and in part due to cameras and strong security presence everywhere. The Japanese police are very observant and hard-working, and they will pursue criminals to no end, making crime not very profitable.

4. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Breathtaking sites can be found in every part of the islands. Whether you see Lake Ashinoko in the pristine Hakone mountain area, or you go north to Sendai and eat beef tongue, beautiful sights can be found across the country.

5. It’s easy.

People in Japan learn English at a young age, and English is on signs all over the country. The train system is incredibly efficient and almost always on time, so your plans when visiting are rarely delayed. This convenience and reliability is simply unmatched by any other tourist destination. If you visit a busy city in any other country you are likely to encounter delayed busses, infrequent train service, and confusing signage. But here, especially in the larger metropolis of Tokyo, you will have little to worry about.

What to do in Japan

In the summer time you can go to Mount Fuji and see some incredible sites. Climbing the mountain fully is still more for experienced climbers, but you can reach some great heights and fantastic views with little effort and comfortable shoes.

You can spend months in Tokyo doing stuff and never run out of interesting new things to do. There’s karaoke, wrestling, kabuki theater, bunraku theater, magic shops, curry restaurants, department stores, ramen shops, video game centers, anime cafes, manga stores, net cafes, resale shops, shrines, temples, statues, performances, darts, batting cages, ice skating, wagyu beef, animal cafes, special events, and so much more.

You can also travel the countryside visiting place to place.

Keep reading for even more about Japan to come!

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