Most of the visitors from around the world loves to witness and experience true peace and begin to conquer places they have never step their feet on. One of those places that offer the mesmerizing beauty and genuine relaxation is gazing the landscape of Kinkaku-ji, a temple in Kyoto, Japan.kinkakuji

Kinkaku-ji(The Temple of the Gold Pavilion) was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage and is classified as one of the historical buildings most representative of Japan. This temple was built in the 14th century and was originally designed as the villa for Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, who was the shogun or a commander-in-chief that time. But when the said shogun died, the place was turned into a Zen Buddhist Temple practicing zazen or the religious meditation in Buddhist training.

The temple has been burnt down many times during wars and recently by arson. It was repaired in 1955 replacing the gold leafs as an improvement in 1987.

Visitors love to visit this place because the garden around the temple gives a stunning view while walking around the large pond. Stones of many styles and sizes can also be seen which adds the beauty of the garden. Aside from that, the gold pavilion’s reflection on water also gives a striking overall view of the landscape.Kinkakuji-Far-Shot-Pond-830x450

Regular Admission: 400 yen


1 Kinkakuji-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto