Japanese Tea


Looking for a tea? Japanese tea is here! Japanese tea is simply known as green tea. Tea has become part of Japanese culture since from the past. They create the tea with passion and love to make it more unique. In Japanese tea ceremony, they serve and drink Matcha, a powdered green tea. For them, serving tea is an art and a spiritual discipline.


What makes the Japanese tea differs from other tea in the world? Japanese tea has different types on how the leaves were cultivated, the timing of the harvest and the amount of sunlight the leaves subjected to. Aside from how the leaves were cultivated, Japanese tea also differs on how they were made or process – like ryokucha, gyokuro, sencha, bancha, matcha, konacha, hojicha, genmaicha, Oolongcha, kocha, jasmine cha, mugicha, kombucha, sakura tea, aracha, fukamushicha, kabusecha, tamaryokucha, kukicha, in order to meet the perfect taste of a Japanese tea.


Aside from how the tea was made, Japanese tea has also health benefits that could make our body healthier. Green tea is rich in natural elements and nutrients that are good for our health. Leaves such as gyokuro, sencha, hojicha and matcha are rich in tannin, caffeine, amino acid, carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2 and niacin. With these vitamins and minerals, green tea now can be used as a medicine to some diseases in our body. Now it is proven why Japanese tea is loved by people, not only in Japan but also in other countries because of its taste, process and health benefits. These make the Japanese tea unique from other tea around the world.


  1. Healthy stuff really is incredible! Ever been to US? A lot of people there likes TEA!
    It’d be great if I can try too once I get to Japan! 😀 😀 😀

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