Prison School

You are a young teenage boy pervert who committed a perverted crime, like sneaking into the girls locker room. What should your punishment be? A school run by a hardcore big-breasted dominatrix and other girls? A punishment that fits the crime!

Prison School is an anime series which started as a Japanese manga. It was written & illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. The story is about 5 boys who committed pervert crimes like, voyeurism in the school’s bathing area. The boys are placed in the Prison Block together, something they agreed to in exchange for not getting expelled.

The main characters are as follows:

Kiyoshi Fujino

Kiyoshi Fujino nicknamed Kiyoshi is the protagonist of Prison School and is one of the five first-year boys in attendance of all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. His love interest is Chiyo Kurihara. Kiyoshi is a level-headed individual who seems to have a strong resolve under hard pressure. Unlike the other boys, he does not let his desires get ahead of him and tends to be the rational member of the group. Kiyoshi is markedly the most normal of the boys in design and character, as well as the main narrator of the manga in thought. He is tenacious but lacks the stubborn perversion of the other boys. However, he is capable of sometimes doing things that seem untoward or shocking to the other boys, such as cross-dressing to escape the Prison Block.

Though he has sexual desires, he is much better at controlling them than the others; this is shown when he refuses to take advantage of Chiyo’s attempting to throw herself at him due to her feelings of insecurity and inferiority towards her sister. Kiyoshi develops a deep love for Chiyo and this love is the drive of most of his actions throughout the series, and he engineers breakouts sacrifices his first kiss and go to extreme lengths to stay in the same school with her and develop their relationship.

Takehito Morokuzu

Takehito Morokuzu, nicknamed Gakuto or Gackt, is the main character of Prison School and is one of the five first-year boys in attendance of all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. His love interest is Mitsuko Yokoyama, the secretary of the Aboveground Student Council. Gakuto is a calculating and intelligent person, though relatively lacking in his studies. He is thus the mastermind behind a lot of the organized breakouts in the prison along with Kiyoshi Fujino. Gakuto’s plots also prevent the boys from being excluded several times. He is obsessed with the Three Kingdoms and is the smartest of the five. He is still one of the most lecherous of the five and shows ‘otaku’ habits in his behavior, spending much time at the library when not imprisoned and going to great lengths inside it in order to get a collector figurine.

Gakuto has an eclectic & archaic style of speech, punctuating his words with “indeed”. He is a respectful person, referring to himself as “yours truly” and using the honorific “-dono” when referring to his friends. Gakuto is one of the most reliable characters in the series, sacrificing his long locks and dignity to prevent his friends from being harmed in any way.

Shingo Wakamoto

Shingo Wakamoto, nicknamed Shingo, is the main character of Prison School and is one of the five first-year boys in attendance of all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. His love interest is Anzu Yokoyama, an ex-member of the Underground Student Council who worked as Captain of the Guards. Shingo is a moody and nonchalant individual who is often the source of the more pessimistic opinions shared by the boys. He often makes selfish decisions for self-promotion or personal benefit at the expense of the ‘team’, putting him at odds with the other boys. Shingo is one of the more lecherous people in the boys, eagerly plotting to peek at a female bathing area with the other boys. He can be excessively narcissistic at times, holding his physical appearance in high esteem and requesting a hair pomade as a prisoner gift.

Though he is mostly loyal to the other boys, he sometimes acts with hypocrisy to betray them and then judge Kiyoshi Fujino badly for the same act. Shingo is prone to sulking and acting peevish when things are not going the way he likes, leaving his cell unkempt and constantly voicing his complaint when all their prison stays are extended. His crush for Anzu Yokoyama changes him for the better and gives him a more positive outlook on life.

Jouji Nezu

Jouji Nezu, nicknamed Joe, is the main character of Prison School and is one of the five first-year boys in attendance of all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. His love interest is Satou, a member of the school’s cooking club. Joe is the sullen oddball of the five boys, who struggles to fit in outside his group of friends (and sometimes within). He suffers from a bloody cough due to severe stomatitis, though the disease is neither chronic nor physically debilitating to him. However, his canker sores do affect his speech, with bloody coughs often punctuating his sentences and interrupting his speech. Despite being the quietest, Joe is actually one of the more lecherous of the five, reflected in the crass way he speaks and makes jokes.

Joe also has a love and appreciation for ants to add to his quirks, going so far as to name the ones he keeps in his ant farm and being able to tell them apart — though they all look alike. Towards his friends, Joe is shown to be accepting and supportive. Though he initially shuns Kiyoshi after he learns of his escape, Jo returns the kindness shown to him after Kiyoshi prevents him from assaulting the USC president. Due to being the last of them to have spoken to a girl out of the five boys, Jo enters a depressive phase after being freed from prison. As a result, he decides to attempt returning to the Prison Block out of loneliness as the other boys are enjoying their freedom. However, his outlook on life in the school improves when he meets Satou.

Reiji Andou

Reiji Andou, nicknamed Andre is the main character of Prison School, and one of the five first-year boys in attendance of all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. He has a masochistic love interest for Meiko Shiraki, but it later develops such for Risa Bettou, the Vice-President of the official Aboveground Student Council. The gentle-mannered calm nature of Andre is shown in his deep care for his friends, often placing them ahead of himself in his relations with them. The care he shows to the other first year boys is especially apparent in his treatment of Jouji Nezu, who he values more than the other boys and shows more emotional concern about.

The most lecherous member of the boys, Andre is also an extreme masochist which is used as a tool by the Underground Student Council to manipulate him later in the manga. This masochistic behavior leads to a strong admiration for his main source of punishment and visual stimulation, the scantily dressed USC Vice-President Meiko Shiraki. However, he grows a fondness for Risa Bettou after she starts engaging his masochism as a dominatrix to the point of abandoning his friends to aid the Aboveground Student Council ‘s cavalry team in the All-Student-Council Cavalry Battle. The deviant behavior he characterizes throughout the series devolves into more sadistic behavior towards Meiko later in which he refers to as “Andrenomics” or “investment-upon-return”.

Why do they stay in Prison School?

Unfortunately, the prison-style school that these delinquent perverts have been placed into has almost the opposite effect on the students. Rather than making them less perverted, most of them develop fetishes for submission and for powerful female guards.

It might be true that forcing students to go to prison school is illegal, even in the anime world. But the students enjoy it, so they don’t complain. Well, most of the students are enjoying it. In fact, some of the punishments they receive are more perverted than even their wildest fantasies and imaginations. They’s why they don’t try to escape.

Prison School is a very funny anime that has interesting plot and crazy characters which make the story an absolute favorite! If you haven’t watched it, well better do it before its too late!

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