Useful Health Lessons from Japan

Developing healthy habits does not only prolong your life but enhances your daily activities into a more energetic perspective. What better way than to learn from one of the best countries when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, like Japan?

For years, Japanese people are enhancing and practicing their relationship with the food, thus, creating better ways on how to do it. Let us improve ourselves by practicing these ways to improve our life for the better and for the ones we love.

1. Add Seaweed

In Japan, the seaweed is one of the renown types of food that helps the body by providing vitamin A & C, iodine, minerals, and calcium. It is also flavorful and tasty which is perfect for any seafood dishes and soups.

2. Add Some Tempeh

This type of food is a great source of fiber, isoflavones, proteins, and minerals. It is often used as grilled or fried, but other methods are also possible. You see, the tempeh is from the whole soybeans that were soaked overnight and cooked right after until it will soften. It is also called as fermented soybean patty because of that method.

3.  Say No to Food Demonization

This is a type of practice encourages the children or anyone to eat in the right amount or frequency. Kids should not be forced in any way to clear their plates because it might result in overeating. Instead, avoid the food restriction and just enjoy the different types of food, but with smaller portions and should be less frequent to avoid eating a repeated type of food all over again.

4. Spend the Majority on Fruits and Vegetables

This is one common line when it comes to health. But in Japan, this one has been taken seriously because of the benefits you can get throughout this practice. Various vitamins and minerals can be taken from the fruits and vegetables. The plants particularly have an ability to produce phytochemicals and antioxidants to keep themselves alive and well. Therefore, when you eat more plants, you can help eliminate inflammation and correct free radicals due to its phytochemicals!

Places in Japan, like Okinawa, use plant-based diet by 80% and only 20% of meat like fish and others. This way, animal cruelty can be lessened and your health will be in good shape.

5. More Tofu

Tofu is a substitute for meat, made from soymilk. Therefore, if you eat more tofu, you can lessen the meat practice that might endanger your life. It is cholesterol-free, protein-rich, great source of isoflavones, and low in sodium. It also has various variety like the low-fat and full-fat. Since meat types like bacon and others can greatly cause cancer and other sicknesses, tofu can very much help you avoid that!

6. Shiitake Mushrooms

Mushroom is good when it comes to health. Adding these types of plant can help you by providing vitamin D and B2, zinc, iron, and copper! Shiitake mushrooms particularly provide all these benefits, therefore you should add them up to your grocery list!

7. Positivity

Positivity can help you handle stressful situations and can lessen the possibility of heart problems. Inflammatory amino acid and low levels of homocysteine are present in heart disease as proven by doctors and some lab tests. To avoid these, you have to learn to control yourself and see something good in everything that is chaotic. In other words, positivity helps you train your mind in seeing the good things and with this, you will not feel so broken, avoiding dangers like suicidal and overusing your mind and body.


There are a lot of healthy ideas and tips around the world. But surely, these ones are one of them! Hope you learned something good today. Share us something awesome like your opinions on the comment section below!

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