Japanese Decoration Ideas

From the old era to the modern era, Japan has been known to have one of the most amazing and crafty decorations. This left various people to be inspired and amazed at the same time. Nowadays, modern decors have influenced the life of the majority, and Japan still left us in awe even when it comes to its decoration market.

The ancient Japanese designs or decorations is still popular even by the new generations. When we see these designs we can automatically remember the Japanese.

So, if you want to change or add a Japanese feel in your home, here are some inspirational and beautiful ideas to make it happen!

Zen Motif

Zen originated from India when a Buddha named Gautama held up a flower and Mahākāśyapa smiled. Not long after, zen arrived in China, and soon in Japan, influencing the Japanese people in its culture and style. The term ‘zen’ came from the Chinese word, ‘chan’, which traces its roots to the Indian practice of meditation.

Zen motif represents nature, therefore, you should have earthy colors, like brown or green added in your room. Wood flooring or wood wall is also common in this design. The furniture should be simple and natural decors like stones and plants should be added. Other types of ornaments should be minimal to keep the whole feeling to be clean and calm, like how the zen should be.

Japanese Patterns & Paintings

Japanese people like patterns and paintings so much that you can see it in their kimono and wall decor. Japanese people like to draw so much with the use of brush and paint up until the modern times. Patterns are also a part of their culture and art, which is why you can frequently notice them whenever we speak Japanese culture.

And of course, Japanese designs cannot be completed without patterns and paintings, so I suggest to add them up in your room.

Sakura Theme

Sakura or the cherry blossom is Japan’s most renown tree. This type of tree can also be found in other places like China, India and South Korea. Famous for its beauty and feminity, the sakura is everybody’s favorite. When we see it, we remember the spring, beauty, and love. For the Japanese, the sakura tree symbolizes life, renewal, and death.

Now if you want to portray the sakura as the main theme for your room, your decorations should include spring colors like green, sky blue, pink, purple and yellow. Other colors are also welcome, as long it goes with the spring type. Floral decors in any form would very much beautify the room, but of course, do not forget to include sakura decorations.

Anime Theme

Japanese is very famous for anime and the majority of the other countries are addicted to it. A various genre is included when it comes to anime. But if you want to emphasize your love for it, you can add up some anime posters and designs in your room. Colorful, cool or cute decors are usually mixed to complete this theme. But commonly, anime figurines, posters, mangas and other anime items can be seen in your room if you are a big fan of anime.

Other Important Details – Origami, Vases & Ceramics

Origami, vases & ceramics are among the finest in the world and has influenced other countries. Origami is the art of paper folding and you can mainly see it being used as designs in their rooms. Vases & ceramics are also widely known for them since the Japanese prefer natural materials.

So, are you ready to renew your room into one of these ideas? Remember, if you want some Japanese type of designs, the things I mentioned above is very important. 😀

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