Fun Facts – Gintama

Are you a big fan of this series? Or you have read all the latest manga about it? Stalking all the social media and read all the latest news … but I’m sure there are other interesting things about this anime that you might not know.

Check out this list of amazing fun facts from the famous anime – Gintama!

Shimura was originally planned to be part of the Shinsengumi

The voice actor of Sadaharu, Takashi Mikako, actually voices another Gintama character – Guess who?

Well, there’s no other than Terakado Tsuu!

The series was not supposed to be named ‘Gintama’, as the original was entitled as, ‘Yorozuya Gin-chan’.

Gintoki Sakata can actually sleep with his eyes open. -We haven’t seen it in the series, but the Wikia of Gintama has mentioned this. Kagura is actually weird enough doing this practice, and then there’s also Gintama.

Gintoki and Hijikata hate the dentist.

Gintoki has the same birthday with the famous Naruto Uzumaki of ‘Naruto’.

One of Dynasty Warriors’ character named Lu Lingqi looks a lot like Gintoki. With this, people said that Gintoki was based or inspired from this character.

At the funeral scene, there is this part where the “Nilo” drink was shown. It is actually said to be a reference to the drink “Milo”. (See Season 5, Episode 6)

The name Gintama actually means ‘silver soul’.

Sadaharu’s real name is actually ‘Kamiko’, as revealed in Season 2 – Episode 21, by the priestess sisters, Ane and Mone.


That’s all for today!


So tell us how you feel after reading this article! Are you surprised, amazed or nothing at all? Let us know by commenting below!




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