Fun Facts About Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

Katekyō Hitman Reborn! is one of the most successful anime to be released worldwide. But behind its epic scenes, some things about it can be really surprising to all of us. Here are some fun facts about this anime!

Tsuna has 308 favorite foods, including Salisbury steak as the 1st one.

Reborn actually has at least 4 girlfriends!

Giotto’s is a name of a famous Italian painter.

Reborn has a master’s degree in mathematics.

Tsuna greatly fears cockroaches as revealed in the manga.

Say goodbye to conditioner! Tsuna’s  hair has been unkempt since its birth, and not even the conditioner can help!

Hibari cannot drink alcohol.

Hibari’s favorite food is hamburger steak! 

Nana has a long hair when Tsuna was still young. 

Through Enma’s eyes (manga), the emblem for Simon Famiglia can be seen.

Hibari was ranked #1 in the Mafia to be able to protect his village even if a monster appears! (Great strength!)

Giotto was about the same age as Tsuna when they formed the Vongola.

There you have it! Keep tracked and I will post more sooner!

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  1. Can you imagine Reborn being a professor in mathematics??? Hahahahahaa itll be DOPE! I suppose….

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