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Cosplay (コスプレ) is a type of art in which the participant, called cosplayers, does a costume play. These participants imitate or represent another character either in fictional or reality in certain events. Some also do some costume play as a hobby and others are due to some occasions, but either way, it is still called as cosplay.

Some cosplay was amazing, but there are some who were able to actually copy the character’s form, that you might mistaken them as the real one. (Cool, right?) So here, we made a list of the best cosplay photos of participants who were able to impress the majority of the crowd! Check them out below!

SHOW: Sakamoto Desu Ga?



SHOW: Naruto Shippuden

CHARACTER: Sasuke Uchiha

BY: 熊祁 Kumaqi

SHOW: G.I. Joe

CHARACTER: The Baroness

BY: Alodia Gosiengfiao

SHOW: DC Suicide Squad / Batman Series

CHARACTER: Harley Quinn

BY: Katya Kosova

SHOW: One Punch Man


BY: Sly Kucing

SHOW: Rise Of The Guardians


BY: 黃靖翔

SHOW: Vocaloid

CHARACTER: Hatsune Miku (Goth/Lolita Version)

BY: Esd Noraneko

There’s your first list guys! Amazing right? Feel like doing cosplay too? Might as well look for your target character and start practicing! Who knows, you might get popular for it!

So, tell how you feel, your opinions, or any other suggestions on the comment section below! I’ll be waiting!

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