Japan Facts Part 3

Japanese Amazing Facts Part III

Being the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan has unique culture that has a mark of individuality that makes it different among other countries. Some of their beliefs may be peculiar, but Japan is remarkable in the field of arts and sciences. Here is the the part III of the amazing facts you should know about Japan.

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Interesting History of Anime

Anime is a style of animation originated in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Japan’s animated outputs accounts for about 60% of the world’s animation. While many are fond of anime, not all of us know the history of anime. Let’s take a look in the historical background of anime.

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Throwback Top Action Anime

Throwback Top Action Anime

Each anime has its own season, don’t you agree? But some of these anime never gets old even if they’ve been aired ages ago. Although there are some of the anime that comes out per season, why not look back on some of the anime released a decade ago yet still worth watching.

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