A List of Famous ‘Onii-chans’ We Can’t Get Enough Of! (Part 2)


What’s better than having a group of real friends and caring family? Of course! Having an older and protective brother! Who wouldn’t want a strong figure by their side? Below is a list of mixed overprotective and badass brothers from popular anime!

First on the list is ..

BLEACH’s Ichigo Kurosaki


The ever famous spiky orange-haired young protagonist of the series is the brother of two younger sisters, Karin and Yuzu. Ever since he was young, Ichigo has attended dojo practices to ensure methods he could use to protect his sisters and important loved ones. Ichigo is seen as a very stubborn and short-tempered person, but the most caring and protective brother in the series. He despises people, friend or enemy alike, that calls others trash and useless.

HUNTER x HUNTER’s Killua Zoldyck


The heir of the Zoldyck family who ran away from home to become a Hunter, Killua is the older brother of Alluka and Kalluto. Described to be as intelligent, cheeky and cheerful, Killua deeply cares for his younger siblings. He protects them in any way he can when he senses that they are in danger. Killua also has an older brother that is sadistic but protective in his own way, Illumi Zoldyck.



The Guardian of Sun of Vongola Famiglia’s X Generation and captain of the boxing club, Ryohei is the older, caring but overprotective brother of Kyoko. Ryohei is a very enthusiastic individual, brimming with energy always as he does things straight on. Ryohei became even more protective of Kyoko after an incident in which Kyoko was used as a bait by Ryohei’s haters to challenge him.

NARUTO’s Itachi Uchiha


As a child, Itachi was considerably quiet and mature for his own age. He is considered as a natural born prodigy of Konoha and the top student among his age. Because of his greatness at such a young age, his family had set high expectations .. and missions for him. Being a peace-loving and nationalistic person, Itachi has sensed that what his family wanted could lead to a possible war. Upon reaching certain limits, Itachi murdered his own family but sparing his innocent young brother, Sasuke. Itachi is seen as a very loving and dedicated brother throughout the series; even becoming the own villain to make his brother stronger.



Described as a confident and manipulative shut-in gamer, Sora is the older brother of his beloved Shiro. Sora is seen as someone confident and who is very good at computing his opponent’s moves. This strong character though vanishes when Sora is not beside her young sister, Shiro. He loses all his prideful and confident self when he has separated away from her. He is very clingy to Shiro and can’t seem to live without her (although he constantly tries to find a girlfriend, much to Shiro’s annoyance).

ONE PIECE’s Portgas D. Ace


The adopted brother of Luffy and Sabo, Ace has truly shown the “big brother” aspects of the series. As the son of the Pirate King, Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and one-time captain of the Spade Pirates, Ace is shown as a strong-willed but polite and intelligent gentleman. It is very evident in the series that he cares for his brother; gradually checking up on him and helping if he was in any sort of danger. With their deep brotherly bonds, he sacrificed himself to receive a fatal hit that was actually directed to Luffy to save him. This incident eventually pushed Luffy to be stronger and more dedicated in his training to become the Pirate King someday.

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