Toracon – Paid Marriage Consulting in Japan

Tora-kon is a specialized marriage consultation service in Japan catering to otaku and creatives. Tora-kon prides itself on having a team of advisors who are also otaku and offers different pricing plans tailored to individual needs, such as the “Tora Women’s Plan,” “Basic Plan,” and “Basic+ Plan.” The service includes option services, store information, and details about their network and partner companies. For otaku-specific needs, there are discounts and after-marriage services, including otaku life planning. Readers can also explore official columns and logical advice from “Love Hotel Ueno’s consultation room” and learn about matchmaking rules and etiquette.

Tora-kon focuses on providing a range of services to maintain a high success rate in helping people find their ideal partners. It highlights the differences between Tora-kon and other marriage consultation services, including the distinction between data matching and intermediary-based approaches, the size of the agency, service offerings, pricing structures, the presence of certification marks, success records, and compatibility with advisors. It emphasizes that while some may seek cheaper services, the key is to determine the most effective approach for one’s own marriage goals. Tora-kon offers various plans, such as the “Tora Women’s Plan,” “Basic Plan,” and “Basic+ Plan,” each with its own pricing and service details, aiming to provide tailored support for different needs.

There’s even a discount for manga authors and people who trade on the Toracon doujinshi site, which is a full 50% off their services. This really proves how much they cater to Otaku trying to get married.