All About Japan

Are you looking to learn more about Japan and it’s fantastic culture?

Japan is a legendary country known for anime, sushi, and even a strong international business culture. And of course the far East is famous for an incredibly rich history and culture. There are shrines, temples, statues, and more. Regardless of whether or not you’re exploring Tokyo, a sub-city like Akihabara, or the Northern reaches of Hokkaido, Japan is a fabulous place to visit and learn more about.

Ancient Japan

Human culture in Japan is traces to more than 30,000 years ago. Early periods were marked by pottery and farming, followed by iron technology and stronger agriculture.

Middle Japan

A Portugese expedition made its way to Japan by landing in the South and had a significant impact on Japanese culture even with such a limited interaction. Firearms immediately became a part of Japanese warfare. A later expedition by the Americans would end Japan’s seclusion and even lead to the fall of the Shogunate.

Modern Japan

Now Japan is famous for many things. Ocean-gathered food, particularly fish sushi and sashimi. Manufacturing of advanced electronics. And of course anime!