Famous Male Cosplayers (Part 1)

Many people have always dreamed of bringing their favorite fantasy characters to life. Whether it be from a  particular anime series, manga or movie, the joy of cosplaying never gets old! Cosplaying comes from the term “costume” and “play”, but cosplaying doesn’t only mean dressing up and looking fabulous. Cosplaying means turning fantasy into reality! You bring to life the character you have decided to portray. It means knowing their life, skills or talents, abilities, gestures and so on.

People have now seen many cosplayers, especially women. A lot of female cosplayers have shined and reached a certain popularity level for their way of cosplaying.

Since we know many female cosplayers now..  why don’t we look at the male side of the community? Many male cosplayers have also put justice on the characters they have portrayed.

Here are some of those cosplayers (part 1):



Name: Dan Sarkar

Nickname: Danquish

Country: USA

Famous for: Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Description: He cosplays mostly ninja, assassin, and armored characters. He got into cosplay when he was still young years ago (estimated 2010). He discovered he could extend his love for recreating his favorite characters not just on Halloween, but also on events, thus, loving the world of cosplay.



Name: Steven K. Smith

Nickname: Steven K. Smith Props

Country: USA

Famous for: Psycho Kreig (Borderlands)

Description: Steven Smith lives outside of Kansas City, Missouri. He is a freelance illustrator and now a prop maker. He loves to make video game props and weapons. He is also known for his super-realistic Borderlands Psycho Bandit masks, Buzz Axes, and other armored costumes.


3 MarkMeer

Name: Mark Meer

Nickname: Mark

Country: Canada

Famous for: Commander Shepard

Description: Mark Meer is known as an actor, writer, improviser and a very well-known Commander Shepard cosplayer. He is a voice actor in many games from Bioware like in the mass effect series as Commander Shepard himself. This handsome guy also has his own TV show called Tiny Plastic Men.


4 Leon Chiro

Name: Leon Chiro

Nickname: Leon

Country: Italy

Famous for: Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed)

Description: Leon is a very famous major competitor in the European continent cosplay contests. He has won a many numbers of cosplay competitions in the major events, especially in Italy. Leon is also a personal trainer, photo model, and a former Italian national athlete. He constantly cosplays video game characters’ weapons, armor, accessories and other components.


5 Anthony Misiano

Nickname: Harley’s Joker

Country: USA

Famous for: Joker

Description: Anthony is a filmmaker, artist, and actor. During his early childhood, he began to enthusiastically draw characters, and soon enough make his own characters. He also began performing on the stage at the age of fourteen. He has constantly appeared in stage plays and numerous independent films, which some of it, has been written and directed by himself.


6 Michael Mulligan

Name: Michael Mulligan

Nickname: Captain Cosplay

Country: USA

Famous for: Captain America

Description: Michael is a New York City-based cosplay artist. He does his own design and creates his own costumes for himself as well as others. He does commissions for other cosplayers; making some of the costumes.


7 Johnny

Name: Johnny

Nickname: Johnny N’ Junker

Country: USA

Famous for: Tryndamere (League of Legends)

Description: Johnny is a San Diego, California-based cosplayer while being a UCSD Engineering Student. He also creates his own armors and weapons accurately. He is seen cosplaying video game characters oftentimes. Also, he is also a hardcore corgi enthusiast.


This concludes the first batch of our famous male cosplayers!

Many amazing male cosplayers still needs to be recognized! Watch out for our second batch of famous male cosplayers + a special mention male cosplayer on the next FAMOUS MALE COSPLAYERS (part 2) post!

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