Famous Female Cosplayers (Part 1)


Men aren’t the only one who do cosplay, but also women! Find out the famous female cosplayers around the world.


Name: Yaya Han

Country: China (childhood in Germany)

Famous for: Miss Fortune (League of Legends), Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)

Description: Yaya Han is a very famous cosplayer throughout the world. She joins cosplay events whether it be anime or gaming conventions. She likes music, art, animals (especially cats), and spicy food. Yaya Han is also known for her great makeup and fashion sense.


Name: Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao

Country: Philippines

Famous for: Elfen Fairy, Misa (Death Note)

Description: Aside from being a cosplayer, Alodia is a famous model and singer in her country. She is also a co-host in ABS-CBN’s(television channel) prank show Laugh Out Loud. Alodia is also the Ambassador and VJ for Animax-Asia TV.

Lindsay Elyse

Name: Lindsay Elyse

Country: Arizona

Famous for: Ezreal (League of Legends), Sivir (League of Legends)

Description: In 2005, Lindsay started her passion in cosplaying. Lindsay’s first two cosplays were Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Lindsay started to join contests and make her own costumes and skits. Lindsay is also a well-known streamer in one of the gaming teams in the world. At gaming events, she goes as a streamer, but when it’s cosplay competitions, she goes as a cosplayer.

Jannet Vinogradova

Name: Jannet Vinogradova

Country: Russia

Famous for: Witchblade (anime version)

Description: Jannet does not only live to cosplay but to make cosplay projects come to real life. She is very dedicated to her work; putting every ping of her soul in the crafts she makes. She is also a wig maker; she styles, cuts, colors, and crafts different kinds of wigs for co-cosplayers. She also makes collectible books, cosplay of favorite characters, cases for phones, calendars, T-shirts, and glassware.

Jessica Nigri

Name: Jessica Nigri

Country: Nevada (grew up in New Zealand)

Famous for: Deathwing, Blood Elf

Description: On August 5, 1989, Jessica was born in Reno, Nevada. Jessica started her drive in cosplaying as early as 2009. Her first cosplay was very eye-catching to the people which made her very well-known during the event “San Diego Comic-con” on 2009. Some of her cosplays include Pikachu, Lollipop and Blood Elf. Jessica is also known for voicing Cinder Fall in RWBY during its show on 2013.

Adrianne Marie Curry

Name: Adrianne Marie Curry

Country: US

Famous for: Catwoman, Assassin (Mortal Kombat)

Short Description: Not only a famous top model in America, Adrianne is also a cosplayer. She is said to be a die-hard fan and a geek when it comes to Lord of the Rings and Mortal Kombat. She doesn’t only cosplay but also makes her own costumes and accessories. She is a very creative seamstress who makes costumes for movies and games come to real life. She has also hosted big events like E3 and BlizzCon.


Name: Reika Arikawa

Country: Japan

Famous for: Ren & Tokiya (Uta no Prince-Sama)

Description:   Reika was born on the 26th of November. She is very fond of music and cosplaying. Her favorite food is tomato and her favorite place is Kyoto. She is very famous for cosplaying perfect hot anime guys even though she is female. She is a certified impeccable crossplayer throughout the world.

These are only a few of the women who do cosplay. Do you know other cosplayers around the world? Please comment and share them with us!